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Published on March 21st, 2014 | by Art News

15 Painting Tips to Paint Like a Pro

  1. Primer comes before paint:
    If you wish to see true color in your paint, always primer your designated walls. It will provide a good surface for the paint.
  2. Paint like a pro:
    Painting does not demand you years of experience but basic skills. For cleaning the lines always use edge pad at ceiling, door and wall corners.
  3. Create a sticky situation:
    For proper painting, it is highly recommended to clean the walls carefully. The surface of your designated place must be in good and clean condition.
  4. One gallon at a time:
    Do you know that how much paint do you need to cover your walls? The pro painters always suggest 1 gallon for 400 Square feet. Besides, you may require more paint for covering rough, creepy and un-primed surfaces.
  5. Dry days make good painting days:
    Air moisturizer always dries your paint hence you should skip the humid afternoon paint project.
  6. Put your sandwich bags to work:
    For not creating cleaning problems always cover your room with sandwich bags. During the time of painting, most of the tiny paint particles flow here and there causing more problems for you to clean. Hence, do not forget to use your available resources in a meaningful manner.
  7. Out with the old:
    Prior to beginning with new paint, it would be better if you clean your old paint with scraper. It would help your paint to look natural and great.
  8. Clean finish:
    If you intend to do paint in the high traffic zones, always use semi-gloss. It is not only durable but also shiny.
  9. Give the walls a sponge bath:
    Pro painters suggest that paint sticks better with clean surfaces however always wash your walls to fullest extent.
  10. Don’t look back:
    Once the painted area happens to dry, avoid going back over it. It may leave marks and paint streaks on the surface.
  11. Polka dots look good on fabric—not floors:
    Purchase a cheap drop cloth and prior to start with your paint always cover your flood with this cloth. It is necessary for avoidance of paint cleaning.
  12. Take away the shine:
    Unless you do not take off the gloss, the new paint will not perfectly stick. Hence, we would suggest you to use light grade sandpaper for taking the gloss off from the surface.
  13. Turn in the brush:
    It would be better to use paint roller rather than paint brush for painting the small rooms.
  14. Spare the wall plates:
    Tape off all electronic accessories in your room before you begin with painting.
  15. Patience is a virtue:
    Patience is virtue. Once you are done with painting your walls, let them dry. The more you display patience, the more chances of good results are there.

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