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Published on April 7th, 2016 | by Art News

3 Tips for Planning Your Next Family Vacation

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Did you know that only 25% of people use their paid vacation days every year? Yet the benefits of taking a vacation are numerous. It?s important to be able to destress and deactivate from the normal hectic pace of your job. Once you have a family, though, the planning aspect of taking a vacation can quickly begin to feel quite overwhelming — about 74% of women have said that family vacation ended up feeling quite stressful.

How can you have a great time during your next vacation, and take the stress out of planning? Here?s a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Visit an Adventure Park

Part of the stress from planning a vacation comes from arranging trips from one location to another to another throughout the day, in an area you?re not familiar with. Rather than worrying about where your next taxi will come from, why not get your family entertainment and adventuring in one area? Try visiting an adventure park that has everything from rock climbing to zip lining to parkouring. When it?s indoors, this can be a great option to keep in your pocket for the inevitable rainy day. It?s much better than spending half your hours waiting in a hotel room!

2. Have Quiet Time Family Activities Ready to Go

It can be difficult to deal with kids on your vacation — let?s face it. They have no patience, whether it?s taking an hour long drive in the car or simply having to do family activities they aren?t 100% excited about. Rather than being a constant quiet time cheerleader, have some activities ready to go instead. If it?s things that the kids don?t usually get, all the better, because they will associate it with a special ?vacation fun time.? If you?re driving for a long time in the car, for example, consider playing a book on tape (Harry Potter, anyone?) while giving the kids pipe cleaners to play with (always aim for something easy to clean up afterward — Playdoh is not a great car toy!).

3. Put Away Your Phone

Why do people have so much trouble relaxing on vacation? Sometimes it?s because they simply can?t disconnect. For this vacation, it?s time to stop checking your work email and focus on what you actually need to do during this break: relax. It may feel difficult to ignore that urge to scroll at first, but trust us: it will be worth it!

What family activities would you recommend for a successful vacation? Let us now.

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