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Published on October 27th, 2015 | by Art News

5 Tips for Throwing a Great Casino Night Party

Casino night

If you need to plan a fundraiser, come up with corporate event ideas or a party for friends and family, you might want to turn to a theme. Casino night parties are becoming more and more popular and there is little question as to why! Gambling is very popular around the globe. There are nearly 40 million regular poker players in the world and ten million of them did it in casinos last year. Las Vegas boasted receiving almost 40 million people last year.

If you decide the casino night them is the right one for your event, here are some tips to make it really special.

  1. Decide what games you want. You cannot have all the games but renting some equipment for your casino party will transform your space into a real casino. A typical casino night party has three games. The most popular are craps, roulette and Black Jack. Black Jack is one of the most popular game in casinos and is the most player friendly option.
  2. Hire professional poker and gaming experts. Whether you are hosting a casino night fundraiser or a bachelor party, having experts handle the games will give your casino night an air of authenticity that will move it to the next level for fun. If you cannot find or afford professionals, find people who are at least really knowledgeable about the different games. The odds are that most of your guests are not gaming experts and will have questions so it is good to have someone they can ask.
  3. Consider a theme within a theme. In Las Vegas, for instance, there are many casinos with different themes. You can go to Paris or New York, New York and experience the Las Vegas version of these places. If you have a favorite place, or you know your guests do, consider placing your casino night in an exotic location. Your event attendees will appreciate the extra effort you put into your party.
  4. How do you make money for your cause? You can charge people an entry fee that comes with some chips or you can let people in for free and then charge them for chips. In real casinos, players cash out at the end of the night. Seeing as they won?t be doing this at your fundraiser, you can have prizes for the best (and goofy, booby prizes for the worst) players of the night. It just makes it all the more fun.
  5. Design a budget. Parties cost money. You need to rent a space, hire people to staff the games, get catering, rent equipment. If you are doing this as a fundraiser, you might want to approach area businesses about donating money or merchandise to your event. A local caterer may be interested in donating their services in exchange for the free advertising. It may be easier to get some help from companies that are sympathetic to the cause you are championing. Make sure you feature any business that helps out prominently in your advertising or other materials.

Casino nights are a lot of fun to plan and attend. They are also very memorable and offer something a little different than traditional office parties and fundraisers.

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