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Published on April 20th, 2015 | by Art News

5 Tips That Can Make Your Oahu Vacation Even Better

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If you’ve booked a trip to the beautiful island of Oahu, your next step is figuring out what you should do there. Plenty of sites list attractions and tourist spots so you’ll be able to pick the ones most relevant to you. But no matter what you end up choosing, here are five tips that can make your traveling on the island more enjoyable:

  1. Get Outside the City Bustle

    Honolulu is actually a very large city — much larger than many people expect to find in Hawaii — but parts of the island are quite rural. Take advantage of these contrasting environments; you can do some luxury shopping one day, then rise horseback in the country the next. Keep in mind if you’re leaving the resort areas that guided tours are often the best way to balance concerns of ease and affordability when it comes to transportation.

  2. Choose Small Group Tours

    There are many different types of tours offered on Oahu, but small group tours are almost always the best option. You’ll be able to follow along more easily and get a personal touch. Plus, there are some spots on the island that just aren’t suited for giant tours of 50 people or more.

  3. Don’t Overschedule Yourself

    Because there’s so much to do on Oahu — known as the “Gathering Isle” of Hawaii — it’s easy to overbook yourself. But make sure you block out some time to just enjoy the beach or your hotel’s pool bar, too. You can always do more on a return trip.

  4. Be Aware of the Weather

    There’s no single climate in Hawaii. Even on Oahu alone, you can experience everything from tropical downpour to dry desert to cool mist. Try to dress in layers for any excursions you’re taking, and keep both sunblock and a lightweight, waterproof jacket on hand.

  5. Be Friendly and Respectful

    Hawaii is a vacation spot for you, but it’s home to about a million people — and for Native Hawaiians, it’s not only a current living spot, but an ancestral home with deep cultural significance. If you’re respectful, especially when visiting sacred sites, locals will likely be excited to share their culture with you.

Locals, do you have any more tips to share on how tourists can best enjoy a trip to Oahu? Visitors, what do you have planned for your trip so far? Join the discussion in the comments.

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