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Published on October 29th, 2016 | by Art News

Corporate Casino Nights How To Make Them Successful

How to set up a corporate event

In the U.S. alone, there are 1,511 casinos. For some, casinos are heavily associated with places like Las Vegas — places where a person can really “let loose” and have a good time. Casinos offer a variety of different types of entertainment, and for this reason, among others, they have become iconic parts of American culture. With that being said, casinos have also become among the most popular corporate event ideas in recent history. Whether they’re being planned as parties in which employees can socialize and relax, or as fundraising events, casino nights are among the most fun party ideas for adults. That’s the great thing about them — they’re for adults. While some themes get cartoonish and silly, casino nights let people relax while at the same time remaining within the “grown up” sphere. In this way, employees feel more appreciated, and less like they’re playing dress up. A casino night party shows a certain amount of effort from the employer, and certainly, it’s not the kind of event that can just be thrown together at the last minute. You’ll need party planning checklists ahead of time, as well as perhaps a professional party planning company. With all of this being said, let’s look into the advantages of casino night fundraisers, and what you’ll need to add to your party planning checklist.

Casino Nights: Understanding Card Games

One of the key aspects of a good casino night party is an understanding of authentic games associated with casinos. After all, you want people to actually spend money, especially if the party is a fundraiser — and they won’t do that if they aren’t having fun. Poker is certainly something that needs to be added to your party planning checklist. Poker is iconic in relation to casinos, which most American casinos featuring poker games. Try to understand the game ahead of time yourself if you don’t already. Poker is a game of chance in many ways, and calculation in others — that’s why players love it so much. People are able to learn the game, however, and make educated guesses; for example, we know that in poker a player will get a pocket pair about once every 17 hands, or 6% of the time. Blackjack is another game that is seen at almost every casino in America, and people will definitely be looking for it at a casino night fundraiser. Known for a low edge of .5% or even .4%, blackjack is extremely popular because it’s one of the easiest games for players. At the same time, the dealer will win 48% of the time, and the player 44% of the time. This might be because, mathematically speaking, the dealer’s average hand is a bit better than 18.

Hiring A Professional: Why Do It?

Why should you hire professionals to help you put on a casino night fundraiser? Well, in part because that party planning checklist can only take you so far. People expect a lot out of corporate casino nights, and will not be pleased if they’re halfhearted efforts. Furthermore, the point of these casino nights is often to raise funds — if only a small amount of money is raised, the casino night becomes a waste rather than a fundraiser. Professionals are able to help clients put on a clean, yet fun party that will raise the money necessary while at the same time giving employees a good time. For that matter, hiring professionals means that there will be less of a chance of a casino night getting out of hand in any way.

Casino Nights: Why They Work

As we mentioned before, casino nights are fun with an adult twist, which appeals very much to corporate employees. They’re also just cool. There is a classic edge to casino night fundraisers that keeps them from seeming desperate or a bit cheesy. People like going to them — it doesn’t feel like a mingling effort. All of this adds up to a better experience for everyone involved that is both fun and successful.

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