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Published on May 29th, 2014 | by Art News

Five Facts That Will Change the Way You Think About Video SEO

Video optimization seo

For any business or company paying attention to the world of search engine optimization, it has become clear that video is fast becoming the best way to boost a website’s presence in search engine rankings.

About 46% of adults who use the Internet watch video content on YouTube, and a massive 90% of users ages 18-29 watch and share Internet videos, making web videos the premiere way to reach a wide audience while also boosting your business’ ranking in Internet search results.

So just how useful is it to include video for SEO in your business’ marketing strategy? Here are five facts that show how advantageous it is to use video for SEO:

1. Marketing videos draw customers to your site: Studies have shown that Internet users stay on a website for two minutes longer on average if there is video content present. Those two minutes could mean the difference between them making a purchase or not.

2. Video SEO services are cost-effective: Creating video for SEO is a great choice because once your video content is uploaded to the web, it will likely stay there for a very long time — meaning people can continue to watch it years after it is first uploaded. This makes online videos much less expensive than buying TV or print ad space.

3. Digital video productions create conversation: People love to share videos that they find interesting, funny or thought-provoking with their friends and family. By creating online video for SEO, you will be encouraging your customers to spread awareness about your brand and your business with people they know on social media sites.

4. Internet users respond more to video: Research has proven that people respond more quickly to visual images than to text. In fact, 80% of web users will watch an entire video, and only 20% will take the time to read an entire text post. Video for SEO is a guaranteed way to let consumers know about your business.

5. Video for SEO is more effective than traditional SEO techniques: Did you know that video marketing content is 50 times more likely to get organic page rankings in Google searches than text results? Video results also have a 41% higher click-through rate than text results. Video for SEO will get your business noticed by all the right people.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of using web video production as an SEO tactic. By creating engaging, high-quality video for SEO, both search engines and customers will flock to your brand. See this reference for more.

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