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Published on July 29th, 2016 | by Art News

Getting To Know Youtube’s Luke Conard

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Once upon a time, musicians were forced to make their names through, essentially, selling themselves to the industry. Many musicians were forced to make long trips to studios, playing before skeptical executives for the chance of recording a single song. Never mind that it might not even be a hit, or close to a hit for that matter. Gradually, things have changed for musicians over the course of the last few years — and much of that change is owed to Youtube. Youtube once began as a site meant for uploading random videos. For many years, it stayed that way. Gradually Youtube became a place for movie studios to upload trailers and clips. Professional musicians joined in, uploading music videos and more. However, even more recently, Youtube has become a place for normal people. They have been able to turn channels into safe havens, where they can put their talents out for all to see. Some vloggers stick to the “lifestyle” genre, letting the world know about their everyday lives. Others choose to use Youtube as a platform with which they can make careers. Youtube is a great place for artists like Luke Conard to show off their talents. Many of us wouldn’t know about Luke Conard without this social media platform, and for reason he’s grateful that Youtube has become the platform it now is.

About Luke Conard: The Basics

Luke Conard is a musician and vlogger who built his career off of Youtube, but has expanded it many ways. Unlike many Youtubers who have become removed from “real life”, Luke is still a real person. This is perhaps because Luke started getting involved in Youtube when the “Youtuber” movement was in its infancy. Where many young Youtubers today are just getting started, Luke is a pro. While remaining open to the public, Luke still values his private life — it can be a bit difficult to really know about Luke Conard and who he is until you give his music a try. Luke is passionate about multiple genres of music, though he’s especially tuned into the music of today. When you visit his Youtube channel, you’ll see plenty of covers of artists that Luke admires. And Luke isn’t a one-man show, either. He understands the value of collaboration, and works with other well-known artists. With that being said, Luke isn’t just dependent on covers. He’s released his own music, including his album “Summer Love”. Luke’s music isn’t just easy to listen to — it’s fun as well.

Getting To Know Luke: Across The Web

If you want to know more about Luke Conard, you can’t just stick to Youtube. It may be his original platform, but Luke has certainly expanded his online presence in a big way. Luke understands the importance of being a present source of joy for his fanbase. He wants to be there for them to contact, and he wants to make his interaction with them personal. With that being said, if you’re looking to contact Luke Conard, there are many ways through which you can do it. You can look up the Luke Conard instagram for exciting contact and visual updates about Luke and his life. Of course, Luke knows that all forms of social media are not for everyone. For that reason, there is also a Luke Conard twitter account you can access, for easy contact and updates about his life. For those who are a little less familiar with these more recent forms of social media, you can also visit the Luke Conard Facebook.

Luke Conard has worked hard to be where he is today. It may seem cheesy to say that Luke is living the dream — but in many ways he is. Soon, however, Luke may be able to take it even further as he works on new material and spreads the message of his music. If you haven’t checked out Luke’s music yet, give it a try. You may love what you find!

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