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Published on May 19th, 2014 | by Art News

Hiking, Swimming, Animals – Boise Has It All!

Fun things to do outside

If you are visiting Boise, Idaho, there are more fun things to do outside than you realize. The city is nestled in the southwestern part of the state along the Boise River, giving it scenic views, and an extensive waterway for sight seeing. The Boise foothills, as they are fondly called by residents, give travelers a breathtaking view of the city with the mountains in the background.

Because of its location along the river and proximity to the mountains, the city offers a number of fun things to do outside.

  1. Table Rock. Situated above the downtown Boise, this mountain is ideal for a family fun day, and hiking its trails can also one of the things to do with friends after a long day of work. It features a shorter climb for a relaxed traveler and has several caves and cliffs to explore. The plateau-like peak makes the mountain look like a large, flat table. This allows climbers to rest and enjoy the view, and then continue on the trails. The terrain is suitable for jogging, walking, or even biking, and its easy access makes it one of the most popular pit stops for visitors.
  2. Lucky Peak Reservoir. This adventure will take you just outside of Boise, close to the East Boise foothills. Lucky Peak State Park is the main site for this adventure, and travelers can hike along the foothills, and find picnic areas to relax for a few hours. The reservoir that runs along the base of the hills gives people a way to splash and frolic in the water. Visitors can go jet-skiing and swimming, and fish along the banks. Canoeing and boating are also popular activities along the waters of this park.
  3. Zoo Boise. The zoo in Boise extends a hearty welcome to anyone who wants an up-close-and-personal experience with its animals. Through a program the zoo calls “Breakfast with the Lions,” visitors are treated to a breakfast buffet, and have exclusive access to viewing the lions as they come out for their morning meal. The public can also feed giraffes lettuce, and offer sloth bears their favorite food through a special feeding tube. Goats, sheep and llamas are available for feeding and petting as well.

These are only a few of the attractions in Boise that give you fun things to do outside. You can also look up outdoor restaurants in Boise to cap off your day’s adventures, and spend a night out on the town, looking for other events. You will likely find more to do than you can accomplish in one day. Visit here for more.

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