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Published on March 4th, 2015 | by Art News

Inviting Guests, Renting a Tent, and Decorating with a Theme – Three Essential Tips for Planning a Party

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Planning a celebration might seem like a huge task if you’ve never done it before. However, if you break down the process into individual tasks, you can manage the planning stages more easily and not feel stressed when the big day arrives. Whether you’re planning a party at home, for work, or in another location, here are four essential tips to remember as you prepare to celebrate:

Double or even triple check your guest list.

One of the first items on your planning a party check list is deciding whom you want to invite. Whether it’s an event that requires a formal invitation or not, it’s best to give your guests some time to plan for the party, especially if they will have to travel to get there. You also need to give yourself plenty of time to plan adequately and receive RSVPs, if necessary.

While you should certainly take budget into consideration as you plan a party and revise your guest list accordingly, you’ll also want to make sure you don’t leave out anyone important, so ask family members or friends for advice if you need to. However, parties, weddings, and other celebrations that aren’t family reunions don’t need to include everyone you know. Don’t be afraid to limit the number of guests in attendance if you have a strict budget or a smaller space.

Having a backyard party? Don’t forget about renting a tent and other supplies.

Having a party at home is a great way to save money on a venue, and the outdoors serve as an especially beautiful spot to celebrate when the weather permits it. Renting a tent can provide you with the perfect space to shelter your guests from the hot sun or the rain, if it happens, and specific designs like sailcloth wedding tent rentals can add a touch of elegance to a ceremony and reception. In addition to renting a tent, you might also consider renting tables and chairs, linens, and other supplies to have plenty of great seating areas for your party.

Special celebrations require attention to detail.

Because parties can vary greatly from casual get-togethers to formal affairs, it’s important to know how much planning you need to do. Weddings, for example, are often more formal and will necessitate decorations, favors, and typically a theme centered around a color or a particular interest of the couple getting married. For any party, you can choose three main colors to create a theme and carry it throughout all the decorations and accessories, including the napkins, linens, place cards, balloons, flowers, and other decorative elements. Any celebration can benefit from a unique decorative touch, so check out online tutorials and professional design guides for more suggestions.

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