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Published on July 27th, 2015 | by Art News

Men’s Fashion For Dum Dums

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Men’s fashion is back with a burning passion. In this day and age, a well dressed man is a man that is bent on success. For a while, heteronormative masculine culture dictated an ideal for men that poo-pooed the idea of fashion and caring about looks. Truthfully, fashion matters–especially in the professional world.
If you don’t believe me, just ask the professionals. When surveyed, approximately 65% of recruiters reported that the way a person dresses dictates whether or not the person is viewed as a desirable candidate for the job. The same recruiters reported that within a minute and a half of meeting them, they have likely already decided whether or not they will be hired.
So guys, how exactly do you dress to impress? If you’re worried about committing a fashion faux pas, worry not! The point of this article is to show you how easy it is to dress to the nines on a daily basis.
As far as clothing goes, it’s always good to start with basic garments in neutral tones. On casual days, for example a well structured pair of blue jeans and a collared shirt or soft cotton white tee does quite nicely. When in more professional atmospheres such as business meeting or interviews, well tailored suits in colors such as navy or dark gray always makes a good statement.
Once you’ve decided on what to wear, then the fun can start. While this may come as a surprise, men’s jewelry and accessories are widely available these days. Items such as leather belts, mens rings, and custom belt buckles all make a strong fashion statement. If you’re looking for an eccentric flair, try mens western jewelry and accessories. Western jewelry is often made with high quality silver and will evoke memories of the wild wild west that you never thought you had.

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