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Published on July 2nd, 2014 | by Art News

Native American Arts and Crafts

Native american buffalo skulls

Each corner of the world is filled with different cultures that have their own customs, clothing, food and art. Native American arts and crafts are some of the most recognizable works in the world because of the stories behind the work and the skill it takes to create them. Many native american arts and crafts portray different animals such eagles, bears and deer because they believed animals were no different than humans and deserved respect and reverence. Art has been used as a form of expression in Native American cultures as a way to tell stories throughout the years, sometimes going thousands of years back.

Native American artworks are well known for their geometric, tribal patterns that include simple and intricate designs. A central point of Native American crafts was not to waste any materials in creating. They believe the artwork serves an important function and as result, utilize every part of am animal or crop as a sign of respect to the Earth. For example, if Native Americans hunted a buffalo, they would use the meat to feed their tribe, the fur to warm their bodies, the bones to create Native American weapons and the buffalo skull to create artwork.

Native America arts and crafts differ in appearance than other cultures’ because they utilized any material they could to create. Feathers, rocks, cloth, clay and fabric are all materials Native Americans would use to create artwork, leaving nothing to waste. Sometimes, the artwork would have an actual use such as their fired pottery that was both artwork and functional as bowls, cups, plates and more.

Native Americans celebrated their culture and their existence on the Earth by creating arts and crafts that was truly unique in creation. By believing in not wasting materials, they showed respect to the Earth and to animals that is not often seen in other culture. Some of the most unique and eye catching artwork has come from Native American culture and there are no doubts that each and every piece of work carries some sort of story.

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