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Published on September 15th, 2015 | by Art News

Removing Spray Paint From Your Car With Materials From Around the House

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While there are hundreds of talented graffiti artists in the world, not all people with a can of spray paint are interesting in making art. While graffiti ‘taggers’ usually target public property, there have been many cases where they’ve turned to personal properties, including your car. Luckily, there are many methods that can be used to remove the paint.

Soap and Water

Before trying any type of graffiti removal chemicals, try wiping the paint off with a simple mixture of soap and water. The paint is likely to start to come off if it has yet to completely dry. If the paint has dried and isn’t coming off with soap and water, there are a variety of graffiti removal chemicals that can be used, and most can be found in your house.


Acetone, a chemical commonly found in nail polish remover, can successfully clear your car of any unwanted paint. While acetone is a favored solution due to it’s low price, it often leads to damage of the car’s clear coat or plastic parts. Before using acetone on your car, test a small spot to see how the surface reacts to the chemical.


Surprisingly, gasoline is one of the best ways to get graffiti off your car’s surface. However, extended exposure to gasoline can damage your cars clear coat. If planning to use gasoline, make sure to only use a little, and wipe it off immediately.

Bring It to a Professional

If nothing seems to be working, or you’re worried about how to prevent fading, take your car in to an expert that knows how to remove graffiti. In addition to cleaning off cars, experts have methods that can be used to prevent a second tagging. This includes anti graffiti sprays and laminates. If the paint cannot be fully removed, companies can fit your car with a 3M anti graffiti film, which will prevent future attacks.

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