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Published on August 30th, 2016 | by Art News

Staying Woke The Importance of Black Celebrity News Sites

Black celeb gossip

In this age of technology, electronic communication and digital media are on the rise… and Hollywood gossip is as hot as ever, especially in the scorching summertime. As our easy access to the latest celebrity news grows, so does our fascination with the Hollywood elite. In fact, the combined revenue for the celeb gossip industry adds up to more than $3 billion a year, so it’s no surprise that the average gossip site has to keep up with the demand.
It’s evident that celebrities have a big influence on our daily lives, especially when it comes to many of our purchasing decisions. On average, 45% of adults think that a celebrity presence can make a noticeable, positive impact on the causes they promote, and the support of that celebrity promotion tends to be higher among those who are 18 to 36 years old — the target demographic for Hollywood gossip sites.
Of all the resources in current celebrity news, black gossip sites are among the most enthusiastic, entertaining, and informative in terms of delivering the most sought-after scandals and latest Hollywood chatter. These black entertainment news sites provide the 411 on everything that’s happening today in entertainment, and they also give allies the opportunity to on top of what’s happening in black culture. Plus, they give us our daily dose of juicy celebrity gossip on celebs like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Lebron James, Drake, Chris Brown, and countless others.
In order to keep up in today’s world, we have to know the details on everyone and everything in black entertainment news — from Simone Biles and her five Olympic medals (#blackgirlmagic, anyone?) to the highly anticipated release of Frank Ocean’s newest album, Blonde. Beyonce’s net worth ($450 million!) has solidified her spot as one of the most successful black female artists on the planet (and as one of the most successful artists, period). The popularity of the hip-hop genre is on a steady incline, too. As of 2011, it received over 300,000 likes on Facebook from American college students, thus beating out every other musical genre. Of course, black Hollywood gossip is fun, but these sites also give young people of all backgrounds an opportunity to better understand black culture.
Even though African-Americans account for only about 15% of our nation’s population, that number is significant; according to the Census Bureau, that amounts to over 45 million black people living in the United States today. Staying up-to-date with black news websites is an imperative step to understanding the many cultures present within our country.

Who would’ve thought it? Gossip is important!

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