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Published on March 21st, 2014 | by Art News

Ten Tips for Painting Your Home

Painting the interior of the house is not a child’s play. One has to be very careful because it is the matter of interior decorum and should not be taken so likely. To make your paint a breeze, we suggest you the following ten tips.

  1. Remove Face-plates & Fixtures:
    Tape of light and electronic fixtures carefully and unscrew all the electronic systems hanging in your room. Hence, before you begin with painting, remove all face-plates and fixtures.
  2. PPPPPP (Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Painting:
    For getting the good finish, you have to prepare and organize yourself well. Prior to painting the walls, make sure that all the holes have been properly filled and make clean your surfaces for better paint sticking. Hence, sand the surface first and wash it before brushing.
  3. Protect Brushes:
    During the coats of painting your walls, do not wash the brush or put them here and there. Try to cover them with plastic Ziploc bags.
  4. Keep a Rag:
    Take a damp rag with yourself for the drops falling here and there. Try to find a right solvent for the type of paint you are having.
  5. Keep Corners Wet:
    It would be better to work in wet edge, rolling in the dry areas produce overlap stripes.
  6. Use/Learn the Right Stuff:
    Avoid using cheap rolls, brushes and paints. Try to use qualitative material for painting your walls. For having a good paint, try to start from the job from ceiling.
  7. Get a Sash Brush:
    To me Sash brush is best for covering edge. Hence, use Sash brush for proper edge painting.
  8. Base Coat after Taping:
    For crisp lines, use one coat after laying your tapes. Actually the base coat would leak under the tape therefore you should start when they are untapped.
  9. Power Roll:
    Power roller would hardly cost you 60$ and I do not think it is expensive. Try to use power roller for better and smooth painting experience.
  10. Find a Friend:
    List down the work you want to be done from friend and pay him in the form of meal, whiskey, wine or beer.

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