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Published on February 23rd, 2017 | by Art News

The Three Biggest Worries When Throwing A Party

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Planning a party is hectic. Whether it’s a wedding, a graduation bash, or a just a Saturday night, there’s a lot to having people over to party it up. The thing is, you have so little time to prepare for all the things that could happen. A 2014 survey on weddings found that the average engaged couple gives themselves about 14 months to plan a wedding. For people who’re planning things like graduation parties, they have even less time. Here’s are three factors you always have to consider when planning for a party.

  1. Weather
    The weather can strike at any moment. On a nice sunny Summer day, you can suddenly find yourself surrounded by rushing rain water. It’s times like this that make it a great idea to invest in tent rentals. Renting a tent means that you are protecting yourself from the extremes of nature if you are having your party outdoors. Tenting events also can feel more professional and put together than ones under the stars. Don’t worry, wedding rentals are a great party saver.
  2. Guests
    Your guests are both a blessing and a curse. Too little guests and you risk having a boring and pathetic looking party. Having too many guests can make the place seem chaotic and definitely ruin the flow of party management. Reign in the hounds by keeping them entertained with party activities like music with a dancing space. In addition, knowing ahead of time how many guests are coming can be a life saver. Then, you can plan ahead for the quantitative factors of party throwing such as wedding rentals and wedding chairs, graduation favors, or whatever else you can come up with.
  3. Food
    The same real weddings survey mentioned earlier also found the average number of people who show up to weddings. The number is 136. Now that you know that, do you have enough food to feed them all? Food is a tricky thing to handle. You need to make sure it stays the correct temperature. You need to either find a time to feed everyone or a space for them to feed themselves. Maybe you need both. You also need to make sure that there’s enough for everyone to eat something, and even more so that they can have seconds.

    All of his micromanaging before the party is to help make it so there’s no shortage of food at the party and no bad food going into mouths. The last thing you want are growling stomachs because of hunger or indigestion.

You want to make sure that your party goes off without a hitch. Doing so means that you need to plan a lot in advance. Work ahead by figuring out all the numbers and finding if you need to invest in any wedding rentals. Your party should run smoothly and efficiently and in order to do that you need to work before you play. Once all that is prepared and ready it’s time to party. Enjoy.

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