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Published on September 29th, 2016 | by Art News

Three Things You Might Not Know About Dance

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At a certain point in your life, you’ll probably think that you’ll never learn how to dance. Oh, you might know how to awkwardly move around in a club or at a party. But you certainly don’t know what ballroom dancing is about, let alone how to do it. Lessons at a dance studio are for little kids, right? You can’t learn how to dance as an adult, can you? Not only can you, but many adults are choosing to do so in this day and age. Some adults take dance lessons in an effort to perfect their wedding dance. Others choose private dance lessons as a hobby — in fact, going to the dance studio can be quite relaxing. Even more choose to attend a group dance class to get out there and meet new people. There’s more to going to the dance studio than meets the eye, and certainly a lot more to ballroom dancing than you may initially have thought. Below, we’ll look into some of the reasons why people learn to dance — and for that matter, why they’ve been doing so for a much longer period of time than many might think. Believe it or not, dance is ancient; and our passion for it has existed for just as long. Without further ado, here are some of the things you might not know about dance.

1. Dancing Is Thousands Of Years Old

Yes, dance has existed for centuries upon centuries. How do we know this? Well, the first proof of dance was actually discovered through cave paintings in India. These paintings are believed themselves to be 9,000 years old — though who knows how long dance had existed before they were made? Dancing would then be picked up by the Ancient Egyptians, who used it both for religious purposes and as a simple source of entertainment. Louis XIV, the “Sun King” of France was passionate about dance and would eventually refine certain techniques until they came to resemble how we dance today. He did this through founding the Academie Royale de Musique et de Danse. People in Louis’s court were required to know certain dances as part of his strict code of etiquette, and many European styles of ballroom dance can be traced back to this kind of system. However, there is also Latin ballroom dancing, as well as American ballroom dancing. Today, ballroom dancing is recognized for the athletic skill required to perform it, and is an Olympic sport.

2. Dancing Is Good For Your Physical Health

On that note, did you know that going to the dance studio can give you as good a workout as a day at the gym? Yes, dance is that good for your body — and not just in the way that it can tone and shape your figure. Dance is an aerobic activity, and naturally strengthens your cardiovascular health. You can also use dance to strengthen individual ones and muscles, and the nature of the sport increases your flexibility and posture. Regular dance has been known to help people lose weight, and is certainly a great way to keep your heart rate going. The great thing about this kind of exercise is that it can positively benefit your health in many ways, while at the same time not feeling like an exercise routine. You’re working out, but you’re also having fun. Still, your body isn’t the only thing you need to keep healthy.

3. Dance Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Dance classes — and in particular group dance classes — are great for improving your mental health. A group dance class is a great way to get the social interaction you need. Dancing in general has been shown to reduce the symptoms of depression. Similarly, regular dance participation has been known to reduce stress and tension, which can contribute to mental illnesses like depression. Dance has so many positive benefits — it should come as no surprise that it can help those with mental illness as well.

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