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Published on December 5th, 2017 | by Art News

Three Unique Fundraising Event Ideas

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Are you tired of the same fundraising events, year after year? It is also likely that your event guests are also tired of paying for the same event. When you are continually asking group members or supporters to donate funding, it is important to change up the events. These fundraising ideas will give you some fresh ideas to change up your traditional events.

Casino night

Who doesn?t love a glamorous night out, betting on your favorite casino games? Although accepting bets and organizing an actual casino night might be illegal in your state, there are ways to raise funds without going against the law. For one, you could simply charge an entrance fee. All guests receive casino chips that do not actually have any value. Guests can bet on their favorite casino games, without actually losing any money. If you still want a sense of competitiveness to the casino night, you could prize the highest chip winners with a gift card or donated gift basket.

Additionally, some states allow actual casino nights if you first apply for a grant. These fun events are often held at a casino location. The charity sells the chips and at the end of the night, a portion of the profits are split between the venue and the charity. However, it is important that you first file for a grant and make sure that it is legal in your state. According to a recent Bank of America study, 95.4% of Americans give to charity. The amount that each person gives tends to increase when the person feels that they are also getting something in return, such as a night of entertainment.

Bingo night

The majorities of Americans know and have played, the game of Bingo before. Bingo is easily the world?s most popular game, with over 8% of the world?s population participating today. Incorporating such a popular game into a fundraising event is sure to gain attention. Depending on where you plan to hold your Bingo game, you might have to file a grant application. This grant application simply informs the government that you are holding a Bingo night in an attempt to raise money for your charitable organization.

You could schedule regular Bingo nights for continual donations or you could plan a special event that involves a Bingo night. You can either charge Bingo players an entrance fee into the Bingo game or you can charge for cards. In most cases, when Bingo winners win at a Bingo fundraising event, they are willing to donate a portion of the winnings back to the charity. Because there is a winner every couple of minutes, this could result in a significant fundraising event.

Charity gala event

Charity gala events are not as common because they are expensive to plan. You have to rent a venue, entertainment, and serve food to every guest. Some venues even offer open bars to the guests, which can get costly. However, charity gala events can raise a lot of money. Many people are willing to pay a high price for a gala ticket, especially if they are getting food, entertainment, and a night out. The nonprofit sector is the third largest workforce in the U.S. currently, meaning there are a lot of charity supporters.

While traditional fundraising events work, they can get tiresome quickly. Instead of asking all of your family and friends to purchase a coupon book for the third time this year, change up your fundraising efforts. You can throw a casino night, Bingo night, or charity gala event. Just make sure you are applying for the necessary charity grants and you are on your way to increasing your charities funding.

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