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Published on September 15th, 2016 | by Art News

Why the Rebel Flag is Still Allowed to Be Flown

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Confederate merchandise is still available in ‘rebel flag shops’ for purchase. Many people in the South feel that the flag is part of their heritage. In a rebel flag shop is usually a lot of confederate stuff available from rebel flag bandanas to rebel flat license plates and many other rebel flag items. If they’re in the shops, that means people are still buying them.

What is so controversial about this flag?

Well, the flag has links to the American Civil War which was brought about because of the disagreement about human slavery. When Abraham Lincoln proposed abolition for slavery, 11 of the southern states rebelled and formed their own constitution. The confederate flag represented them and their pro-slavery states during the war. A lot of people see it as the symbol of the division of the United States, black oppression as well as racism.

Why is it still being sold?
The flag is not only sold but flown in southern states as a symbol not of racism, according to those who fly it, but of ancestry and heritage. To them, it represents a unique and independent culture; not merely following the leader but fighting the ‘man.’ Their argument is that the flag is a matter of pride.

Is this a political issues?confederate stuff but public buildings are not to fly this flag anymore. It is also called the dixie flag or the southern cross. You might have heard it referred to as ‘stars and bars’ but this is incorrect. The real Stars and Bars was the first national flag which had a whole different design on it. Hopefully, the removal of the flag from public buildings will shift attitudes.

Further Problems
Because of how the flag came about, the Ku Klux Klan, or the KKK adopted the design to represent themselves and made it a figure of racism and violence. Some of the state flags still feature variations of the confederate flag, in order to remind us of how far we have come, but supporters of the flag see no problem with how the states mentality was at the time. There have fights over the confederate flag and mentality that have ended in injury and even murder. Even the flag’s designer, W.T. Thompson referred to his own design as the ‘white man’s flag.’ He designed it to symbolize the superiority of the white man, which we now understand is a racist and false mentality to have. No race is at a higher level than another.

The major problem comes because of the different reasons why rebel flag shops are allowed to exist. There are five states that still incur the same punishments if you deface or destroy a confederate flag. The consequences are the same as what happens if you do the same to an American flag.

There is still division in America regarding the flag and even regarding the mentality behind it. Unfortunately, there is still racism in the world and even in our very own country. While it would be a wonderful day if everyone could stand united, part of what makes America so great is the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As long as your opinion does not drive you to break laws, hurt other humans or act illegally, you cannot be punished for your thoughts. If the day comes that American citizens are no longer allowed to believe whatever they want, think whatever they wish and have their own opinions about anything and everything, we will have fallen as a nation and will no longer be able to uphold the title of ‘Great’ anymore.

Part of standing in unity means to have tolerance towards one another. We may not agree with what someone else believes but it is not our job to force each other to agree with what we personally believe. “Each to his own” and “whatever floats your boat” are two phrases that will keep America as “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Once we lose the tolerance and the ability to agree to disagree, we will lose the freedom that our forefathers bravely fought for us to have.

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