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Published on May 13th, 2014 | by Art News

You May Want to Consider Poignant World War II Tours on Your Next Trip to Hawaii

The pearl harbor

Are you a World War II veteran who would like to visit Hawaii to pay your respects to those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor in 1945? You may want to consider guided tours for your Pearl Harbor visit, including USS Arizona tours.

The site of Pearl Harbor itself was initially an area of particularly deep water. It was named Wai Nomi, which translates as “pearl water.” As a whole, the islands of Hawaii actually constitute an archipelago comprised of eight substantial islands, some more diminutive islets, and various seamounts and atolls situated in the North Pacific Ocean.

The USS Arizona was a prominent ship, complete with crew, that found itself under attack on December Seventh of 1945. There were actually brothers from 37 different families represented on board that day. President Eisenhower, himself a an esteemed WWII general, gave his blessing for a memorial dedicated to the USS Arizona in 1958.

Another ship that figured prominently in WWII was the USS Missouri (which also has a USS Missouri tour associated with it). A peaceful resolution was formalized between Allied and Axis forces on the ship on September Second of 1945.

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